TAROM Romanian Air Transport, a joint stock company, hereinafter referred to as TAROM S.A., in its quality of author, owner and administrator of www.tarom.ro site, observes the private nature and the security of the personal data of each person who visits this site in order to make bookings on-line, being registered under Nr. 4082 at the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing.

Pursuant to the stipulations of the Romanian Act no. 677/ 2001 concerning the persons' protection as regards the processing and free circulation of the personal data and to the stipulations of the Act no. 506/ 2004 as concerns the processing the personal data and protection of private life, TAROM S.A. is bound to manage under terms of security and only for the purposes detailed below, the personal data provided to us, on your person, on a member of your family or on other person.

TAROM S.A. commits itself to keep the confidentiality of the personal data provided through www.tarom.ro site, when you book and purchase tickets from TAROM agencies, when you fill in Flying Blue form etc., according to the stipulations of Act no. 677/ 2001, with the subsequent modifications concerning the protection of personal data.

According to the provisions of Act no. 677/ 2001, the registered persons, in their quality of persons whom the Act aimed at, have the following rights:

  • the right to be informed (art.12)
  • the right to have access to personal data (art.13);
  • the right of intervention on the personal data (art.14)
  • the right of opposition (art.15)
  • the right of not being subject of an individual decision (art.17)
  • the right of appeal to justice (art.18).

Any piece of information supplied by you will be taken into consideration and will represent your consent that your personal data be used by TAROM S.A. in accordance with the purposes as mentioned bellow.

If you do not wish that your personal data be collected, please do not provide them to us. If you wish that your personal data be up-dated or removed from our database, you may notify us anytime, to the following address:

S.C. Compania Nationala de Transporturi Aeriene TAROM S.A., Marketing and Quality Dept., 224F Calea Bucurestilor, Otopeni, Ilfov, Romania.

The purpose of collecting data

TAROM S.A. may use your personal data with the following declared purposes, if not otherwise specified:

  • to make sure that our website is relevant for your needs;
  • to acknowledge the 'on-line' services you purchased from TAROM S.A. and to provide you with additional information about these services (schedule etc);
  • to enrol you in Flying Blue frequent flyer program;
  • to spread offers, marketing and advertising messages;
  • to provide you with information on different promotions by mail, by phone, SMS or by other means of communication, as regards the offer of TAROM and its partners;
  • to convey the personal data to the partners of TAROM S.A., within Flying Blue program.

TAROM S.A. may disclose personal data to third parties, if it is required by Law or in the 'good faith' cases, when these activities are needed:

  • to comply with the legal dispositions;
  • to protect and defend the property right of TAROM S.A. and of www.tarom.ro site;
  • to make possible emergency actions to protect the employees and the clients' personal security.

When TAROM is legally requested or allowed to supply personal data, only the data which are strictly needed for accomplishing the object of the request will be supplied.

Collection of personal data

In addition to the above mentioned details, the collection of personal data on www.tarom.ro site is entailed, as the 'on-line' bookings on www.tarom.ro site or by TAROM agencies, and enrolling in Flying Blue program make it necessary to supply the information (personal data included), which is requested and marked as compulsory.

The personal data which are collected on www.tarom.ro site, in Flying Blue forms and by the issued tickets are used by us for the following purposes:

  • to provide the transport services purchased by you;
  • to invoice the services rendered to you;
  • to effect "on-line" payment;
  • to ensure the security of the transaction/ on-line payment/ credit card by applying anti-fraud filters;
  • to register your membership in the Flying Blue frequent flyer program.

The personal data will be legally disclosed, without your consent, to the legally entitled institutions, in the event of litigations/ disputes related to frauds.

Usage of statistical data and anonymous data

TAROM S.A. may use the statistical data or anonymous data collected as a result of processing for the following purposes:

  • to draw up accounts/ analyses;
  • to issue reports in its own benefit;
  • to advertise, promote and tender TAROM services.